ZombMe [Game Showcase]

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  • April 23, 2024
ZombMe [Game Showcase]

ZombMe offers a fresh take on traditional platforming, where players reverse the typical survival narrative – instead of avoiding danger, you actively seek it out to remain happily deceased. From leaping onto spikes to darting through flames, every level presents a charmingly chaotic challenge.

Master over a half-dozen types of jumps to conquer diverse platforming scenarios, and immerse yourself in dynamic foreground and background elements that add depth and excitement to every jump and dash.

Discover unique abilities and power-downs tailored to each world, along with a companion system that lets you recruit fellow zombies and adorable sidekicks to aid you on your undead journey. Unearth hidden secrets and unlock surprises as you unravel the mysteries of each captivating realm.

Behind the playful chaos of ZombMe lies the passion and dedication of a developer driven by nostalgia and creativity. By day, a software developer with a knack for technical detail; by night, a game designer bringing classic gaming experiences to life.

From humble beginnings tinkering with polygons in college to mastering Unreal and Unity engines, the developer’s journey has been one of constant growth and innovation. With titles like StickType and ZombMe already making waves in the gaming world – both accepted by ID@Xbox – the developer’s commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences shines bright.

ZombMe isn’t just a game – it’s a love letter to the classics, infused with fresh ideas and undead charm. Join the developer on this exciting adventure, where staying dead has never been so lively!

  • 8 Challenging Worlds: Traverse through eight diverse worlds filled with challenging platforming action, each with its own unique theme and obstacles to overcome.
  • Variety of Jumps: Master over a half-dozen types of jumps, strategically designed to tackle a wide range of platforming situations, from precise leaps to daring dashes.
  • Reverse Gameplay: Embrace the unconventional as you play as a zombie striving to stay dead! Jump on spikes, dash through flames, and dodge health packs in this whimsically twisted take on survival.
  • Companion System: Recruit an array of sidekicks, ride animals, and enlist the help of fellow zombies to aid you on your undead journey, adding depth and charm to your adventure.
  • Interactive Environment: Experience dynamic 2D platforming with interactive foreground and background elements, enhancing immersion and gameplay depth.
  • Unique Suits and Abilities: Discover special suits and abilities unique to each world, offering strategic advantages and adding layers of complexity to your undead arsenal.
  • Power-Downs with Consequences: Experiment with power-downs that grant special powers at the cost of health, but beware of strange side effects that may alter your gameplay experience.
  • Secrets Galore: Unearth tons of different types of secrets scattered throughout each world, rewarding exploration and curiosity with hidden surprises and rewards.
  • Surprise Finale: Brace yourself for a possible surprise awaiting at the end of your undead journey, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to your adventure.
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Experience classic platforming with a thrilling twist! Dive into the undead realm in this unique take on zombie gaming - only this time, you are the zombie. Instead of fighting for survival, embrace your undead existence and strive to remain deceased! Navigate through challenges with jumps, flips, and throws, all while strategically avoiding health power-ups to preserve your state of non-life. It's a race against reanimation as you fight to (un)save your own neck!
Release Date: To be announced
Platform: PC , Xbox
Developed by: Mike Palotas
Published by: Mike Palotas
Game Engine: Unity
Stores: Xbox
Game Website: Visit Game Website/Page
Studio Website: Visit Studio Website
Twitter/X Page: Visit Twitter/X Page