Indie Games Developer Awards

We are excited to share that we are in the process of establishing the IGD Awards! When we first launched our magazine in 2012, one of our aspirations was to create an awards program. However, we were concerned about ensuring fairness, as games with significantly different follower counts would have unequal chances of winning. This concern led us to postpone the idea.

Now, with the relaunch of our magazine, we have developed a new approach that we believe can address these challenges. We are eager to test this concept and see how it unfolds.  Until then, please look out for further announcements on our X account (@igmag or @igdawards).


There are 3 non exclusive and 1 exclusive sponsorship opportunities to support what we do and be part of our journey with a whole array of marketing benefits.  If you run a company in the game industry, get in touch by contacting us