Arksync [Game Showcase]

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  • June 9, 2024
Arksync [Game Showcase]

From the ashes of twin-stick shooters, Arksync rises, pushing the genre to new heights with its frenetic player movement and combat. This game thrusts you into the role of an Assault Android, hijacked and reprogrammed by an unlikely mastermind: a small toy bear now perched on your shoulder. Together, you embark on an epic journey across the treacherous Trash Moon, Deimos.

In Arksync, survival hinges on your ability to navigate Deimos’ perilous landscape, securing its most hazardous locations in search of vital Encryption Disks (E-Disks).  These E-Disks unlock restricted areas, inching you closer to completing your mission and returning the toy bear to safety. But beware, for each expedition is a unique ordeal. The enemies you face, the objectives you pursue, the resources you gather, and the rewards you reap are ever-changing. No two journeys on this moon are ever the same.

Your arsenal is expansive and diverse, offering a myriad of weapons and utilities to discover and utilise in innovative combinations. From Proximity Mines to Gun Buddies and Bubble Barriers, each tool at your disposal requires strategic deployment to maximise efficiency. Mastery of movement is crucial; your Jump and Dodge Thrusters are designed for relentless combat, ensuring you can evade threats and stay on the offensive.

The moon’s lockdown is enforced by advanced drones and merciless mechs patrolling its unknown corridors. The remnants of humanity, now grotesque and unrecognisable, lurk in the shadows, waiting to ambush the unwary. But survival isn’t just about combat; you’ll need to hack data terminals, quarantine rift leaks, and withstand the spread of Nanocite. Your skills will be tested in myriad ways, but as an Assault Android, you’re built for confrontation.

Death, however, is not the end. When your lives are depleted, you lose all carried resources and credits, only to be reconstructed at the dedicated Reboot Terminal, your home base. Each weapon you modify grants a unique offensive edge, though no Mod Schematic is identical. Yet, attachments to these armaments are futile—they’re lost upon destruction.

Strategic preparation is paramount. Visit your local Depot to resupply on essentials like Ammo, Shield Cells, and Extra Lives. Your locker system allows you to retrieve or store the right weapons and utilities for each mission. With each journey into the moon’s depths, the unknown awaits, demanding focus, preparation, and determination.

Good hunting.

Dynamic Gameplay Experience

  • Ever-changing enemies, objectives, resources, and rewards ensure no two expeditions are the same.

Extensive Arsenal

  • Diverse range of weapons and utilities, including Proximity Mines, Gun Buddies, and Bubble Barriers.
  • Discover and utilise unique combinations and strategies for maximum efficiency.

Advanced Movement System

  • Master Jump and Dodge Thrusters for relentless and agile combat.
  • Designed for high-paced action and evasion.

Adaptive Environment

  • Navigate the perilous Trash Moon, Deimos, with its hazardous locations and restricted areas.
  • Encounter advanced drones, merciless mechs, and mutated remnants of humanity.

Varied Mission Objectives

  • Engage in hacking data terminals, quarantining rift leaks, and outlasting Nanocite spread.
  • Each mission offers unique challenges and confrontations.

Resource Management

  • Collect and manage resources, credits, and Encryption Disks (E-Disks) to progress.
  • Reboot Terminal restores your Android upon depletion of lives, but all carried resources and credits are lost.

Weapon Modifications

  • Modify weapons for offensive advantages, with no Mod Schematic being identical.
  • Be prepared to lose modified weapons upon destruction.

Strategic Preparation

  • Resupply at the local Depot with Ammo, Shield Cells, Extra Lives, and more.
  • Utilise the locker system to retrieve or store the right weapons and utilities for each mission.

Engaging Storyline

  • Follow the journey of an Assault Android hijacked by a small toy bear, exploring Deimos to return the bear home.

High Replay Value

  • Unique expeditions with changing elements and environments offer high replayability.
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Wired from the ashes of twin stick Shooters, Arksync evolves the genre with breakneck player movement and combat. Survive and buy weapons, utilities, and upgrades; then risk it all as you fight to survive, and take a toy bear home.
Release Date: 21 Mar 2024
Platform: PC
Developed by: Dykom Software
Published by: Dykom Software
Stores: Steam
Studio Website: Visit Studio Website
Twitter/X Page: Visit Twitter/X Page