Dungeons of Hinterberg – Announcement Trailer

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  • June 30, 2024
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Armed with a sword and a tourist guide, explore the beautiful alpine village of Hinterberg and uncover the magic hidden within its dungeons! Master magic, solve puzzles and slay monsters; all this and more await you in Hinterberg! Prepare to go on a vacation to a modern-day village in the Austrian Alps, but instead of hiking or skiing, you’ll be slaying monsters, hunting for loot and solving puzzles! 25 magical dungeons have recently appeared around Hinterberg, and monster slaying has become a major tourist attraction, drawing adventurers from all over the world to the small village.
Release Date: 18 Jul 2024
Platform: PC , Xbox
Game Mode: Single-Player
Developed by: Microbird Games
Published by: Curve Games
Genre: Action , Adventure , RPG
Stores: Steam
Game Website: Visit Game Website/Page
Studio Website: Visit Studio Website
Twitter/X Page: Visit Twitter/X Page