The Edge of Allegoria [Game Showcase]

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  • May 17, 2024
The Edge of Allegoria [Game Showcase]

Do you crave adventure? Are you drawn to a world teeming with monsters and magic? Do you appreciate raw violence, sprinkled with coarse language, and served with a touch of pixelated nostalgia? Then prepare yourself for a thrilling journey in “The Edge of Allegoria.”

Embark on an epic quest, battling a wide array of creatures in this top-down, turn-based RPG. Explore the secrets and adventures that the mystical land of Allegoria has to offer. This game, with its nostalgic pixel art inspired by classic Gameboy RPGs from the golden age of handheld gaming, will evoke memories of playing under the dim glow of streetlights while riding in the back seat of a car. However, don’t be deceived by the retro aesthetics and familiar gameplay; this is not a children’s game.

“The Edge of Allegoria” is tailored for those who grew up with Gameboy games and are now ready for a more mature experience. Filled with pervasive coarse language, innuendos, and enough mature content and sarcasm to overwhelm even a bull elephant, this game caters to an adult audience.

  • Engage in Epic Battles: With over 143 unique enemies, players will face off against everything from ferocious Canadian geese and majestic tortoises to classic fantasy creatures like dragons, unicorns, and slimes. Each enemy offers unique item drops that can be sold in shops for gold, which is crucial for purchasing weapons and equipment to aid on the journey.

    Collect a Wide Array of Weapons and Equipment: In Allegoria, players must master a diverse range of gear to grow stronger. With more than 80 battle skills to learn and almost 150 pieces of gear to collect, finding the perfect combination to suit your playstyle is essential.

    Meet Colorful Characters: Allegoria is brimming with personality. While many characters may seem preoccupied with their own complaints, some provide valuable guidance and quests that offer gold and useful items.

    Reflect on Life’s Choices: The true brilliance of “The Edge of Allegoria” lies in its writing. As players explore the world and engage with its inhabitants, they will uncover the deep lore and tumultuous history of Allegoria, filled with madness and debauchery. The game’s narrative is designed to entertain and provoke thought, with layers of meaning that add depth to the experience.

    Discover the World of Allegoria: Long ago, the Seven Stars descended from the far beyond, tasked with creating the world of Allegoria. They shaped the mountains, filled the seas, and populated the land with diverse creatures. However, harmony was short-lived as a great power arose, altering the land and challenging Allegoria’s protectors. Though they fought valiantly, they were ultimately overwhelmed.

    Despite this apocalyptic failure, life continued, evolving into a relatively peaceful existence. As centuries passed, Allegoria’s history faded into legend, and its people became absorbed in their own lives. Little did they know that a seemingly insignificant individual with a fishing rod and a dream would soon disrupt their world.

    Immerse Yourself in an Enigmatic Audio Experience: The music in “The Edge of Allegoria” stays true to the Gameboy aesthetic, using a combination of Gameboy sound chip emulation and modern MIDI instruments and effects. This creates an immersive audio experience that enhances the journey. Certain “healing items” not only affect the visuals but also the music, adding another layer to the gameplay.

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The Edge of Allegoria is a top-down pixel-art, fantasy RPG, with turn-based battles against a wide variety of enemies , tons of weapons and gear to collect, and a huge pseudo-open world to explore.
Release Date: Coming 2024
Platform: PC
Game Mode: Single-Player
Developed by: Button Factory Games
Published by: Button Factory Games
Genre: Adventure , RPG
Game Engine: Game Maker
Stores: Steam
Studio Website: Visit Studio Website
Twitter/X Page: Visit Twitter/X Page