Year 2031 – Available on IndieGoGo for a Limited Time

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  • March 26, 2024
Year 2031 – Available on IndieGoGo for a Limited Time

Step into a pixelated post-apocalyptic world crafted for the original Gameboy by Čestmír, a solo indie developer from the Czech Republic. Defying the digital era, he’s creating a tangible gaming experience where owning a game means holding it in your hands. Join him in pushing the limits of a 30-year-old console and support his quest to bring true gaming ownership back to life.

Čestmír, an indie game developer from the Czech Republic, has a profound love for classic gaming, particularly Gameboy consoles. His journey into game development began with a passion for modifying Gameboys, eventually leading him to create his own post-apocalyptic game for the original Gameboy during the 2020 quarantine.
His decision to release the game on a physical cartridge in a box stems from a desire to recapture the tangible ownership experience of classic games. In an era dominated by digital downloads and licenses, he longs for the days when players could hold their games, share them with friends, and truly own them without fear of losing access due to online restrictions or developer decisions.

As a solo developer, Čestmír has faced numerous challenges in bringing his vision to life. Over the past two years, he has meticulously crafted every aspect of the game, from its storyline to its graphic design, all while pushing the limits of the aging Gameboy hardware. Additionally, he has designed accompanying documentation, including a manual, poster, and box art, to create a complete and immersive experience for players.

However, realizing his vision requires funding for materials. To achieve this, Čestmír is seeking support from fellow gaming enthusiasts who share his passion for preserving the essence of classic gaming. By contributing to his project, backers can help ensure that Čestmír’s game becomes a physical reality, allowing players to once again hold a piece of gaming history in their hands and experience the joy of true ownership in an industry increasingly dominated by digital transactions and microtransactions.

If you would like to help fund this game further, there is still 6 days remaining.
Visit the Year 2031 IndieGoGo Page.

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In 2021, a virus spread from afar, plunging the world into chaos. As governments closed borders and economies crumbled, society fractured. Ten years later, explore a world transformed—rife with adventure, mystery, and new challenges around every corner. Welcome to the Year 2031.
Release Date: Jun 2023
Platform: Gameboy
Game Mode: Single-Player
Developed by: KocianTech
Published by: KocianTech
Genre: Adventure , RPG , Survival
Stores: Itch
Studio Website: Visit Studio Website