Lucid is set to launch on Kickstarter!

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  • August 23, 2023

Put this date in your diary: Monday the 18th of September.  This is when The Matte Black game studio is set to launch their Kickstarter campaign for their new game LUCID. 

LUCID is a 2D action platformer set in a crystal-punk world torn apart by dissonance. As Oenn, absorb powerful abilities that expand movement and enhance combat, enabling you to take on acrobatic obstacles and a wide array of enemies and bosses. Blending carefully crafted pixel art with contemporary atmospheric elements, LUCID delivers an experience that seamlessly combines nostalgia with modern gaming.  Discover your legend, fulfil a solemn promise, and see the world through lucid eyes.

For more information visit LUCID on Kickstarter where you can be notified of its launch by following the campaign.

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Discover your own legend in LUCID. Platform through a crystalline world torn apart by calamity, absorb powerful abilities that expand movement and enhance combat against a diverse cast of enemies and bosses, all in gorgeous pixel art inspired by the golden age of 2D sidescrollers.
Release Date: To be announced
Platform: PC
Developed by: The Matte Black Studio
Published by: Apogee Entertainment
Stores: Steam
Twitter/X Page: Visit Twitter/X Page