Forgotten but Unbroken Launches on Kickstarter!

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  • April 25, 2023

Wednesday the 19th of April saw “Forgotten but Unbroken” launched on Kickstarter.  The campaign video, released by the team at Centurion Developments, shows a glimpse behind the scenes at the studio as well as the progress made to date.

We noticed that some of the stretch goals on their Kickstarter campaign offer access to a regularly updated testing build of the game within 14 to 30 days from the end of the successful Kickstarter Campaign. Other stretch goals offer access to the full game build.  This is certainly a welcome move from the studio – enabling early access to the game whilst it is still in development.  There is an expected full release date of
March 2024.

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When XCOM crashes headlong into World War II! Forgotten but Unbroken is a tactical turn-based PC strategy game inspired by XCOM but armed with a unique take on the genre.
Release Date: Coming 2024
Platform: PC
Game Mode: Single-Player
Developed by: Centurion Developments
Published by: Centurion Developments
Genre: Strategy
Game Engine: Unity
Stores: Steam
Studio Website: Visit Studio Website