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Jaki’s Wacky Adventure is an action packed open-world 2.5D RPG. Play as Jaki, a powerful & clever ninja fox. Wield unique shuriken with deadly  accuracy as you dodge enemy fire, avoid lethal hazards & defeat clever enemies. The farther North you travel, the more deadly & crafty your enemies become. Craft powerful potions to improve your odds of survival. Help the local residents – maybe a troll with a pink sock or a yogi with a goat named Nibbler. There is always something wacky, challenging & fun to do in Harmony Haven!
Release Date: 24 Jan 2024
Platform: PC
Game Mode: Single-Player
Developed by: Zoozle Zone
Published by: Zoozle Zone
Genre: Action , Adventure , RPG
Game Engine: Unity
Stores: Steam
Game Website: Visit Game Website/Page
Studio Website: Visit Studio Website