About IGD

Indie Games Developer (IGD) / IndieGamesDeveloper.com is a comprehensive platform dedicated to the indie game and development community, focusing on indie game coverage and support for indie game developers and associated professionals.  It serves as the home for the Indie Games Developer Magazine and the BIG BOOK of Indie Games, positioning itself as a vital resource for indie game developers seeking visibility, information, community and support.

Our website features a variety of sections, including game showcases, developer interviews, the latest game trailers and gameplay videos, and resources for content creators that will appeal to the gaming side of the industry. Moreover, it hosts a Developer Central section, specifically designed to offer services and resources tailored to indie game developers, such as; game submissions, detailed asset showcases, essential developer and industry insights from associated professionals, studios and businesses that provide a wealth of information, resources and opportunities to learn, share and grow within the industry.

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