J-Cat Games Interview – Godshard Chronicles

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  • March 14, 2024
J-Cat Games Interview – Godshard Chronicles

Recently, we had the pleasure of connecting with the team at J-Cat Games during the exciting Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming title, “Godshard Chronicles.” In a quick interview, we delved into the game’s development journey and the strides being made through their Kickstarter efforts.

Tell us about your studio, the people behind it and how it was formed

Our studio is an office located in the Isle of Man, though many of the people who work on the game do so remotely. The creator and writer of the game, Elmon Dean Todd, started working on Godshard Chronicles in 2021 while he was still doing police work. He teamed up with an Instagram friend and composer, Shauno Isomura, who has been the longest member on the team. Since then, many people have come on board, including industry veterans like Noriyuki Iwadare (Lunar and Grandia series composer), actor Carli Fish from the film Ferryman, and singer Emi Evans from Dark Souls and Nier Automata.

Tell us about your team. How many people are in your team?

At J-Cat Games, we have only 3 people in our office – the two company directors, Elmon and Jacqueline Todd, and our newest employee, Dylan. Most of the other team members are contract work and remote, but they number between 15 to 20. We are fortunate to have such passionate and professional people aboard, as they deliver work that is above and beyond.

What challenges did you face when you first started?

Finding the right team! Everyone has a different vision. Or some don’t have any. Either way, it was very difficult to find others whose vision aligned with ours. The other problem was poor art direction and time-mismanagement. Good project planning, along with good art direction are a must.

Tell us a little bit about the story behind your game

The story follows the protagonists Adanna and Ruby on their quest to find Adanna’s lost father as they rise through the ranks of the Mana Knights. They meet new friends along the way and discover the mystery behind the godshards, which are pieces of fallen gods.

Is your game single / multi-player or both?

Players have a choice between solo player or two player couch co-op.

When do you estimate your game will be launched?

We estimate that the game will be launched sometime in 2026. However, that’s a late projection so we don’t over-promise or break a promise by committing to a date. If all goes well, a 2025 release is not off the table. However, in the famous words of id Software: “It’ll be done when it’s done.”

What Platforms do you plan on launching on?

It will be on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If a new console comes out before release, we’ll try for that as well.

Do you have a Demo?

The demo is in development and we’re pushing hard to have it ready by this year (2024).

Do you have any current news about the game?

Our Kickstarter is now live until April 2nd. We have achieved the initial funding, but we have some very cool stretch goals that we are trying to achieve, such as having guest composers like Kumi Tanioka from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, or Michiko Naruke from the Wild Arms series. We have achieved over 200% of the initial funding, but we have some very cool stretch goals that we are trying to achieve, such as having scenario writer Kei Shigema from the Lunar and Grandia series, translation to Spanish, and guest artist Satoshi Matsuura from the Secret of Mana series. There are many more we haven’t even announced yet.

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Thankyou and good luck with the remainder of your Kickstarter J-Cat Games!

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An innovative action RPG title with an emotionally-driven story, gorgeous pixel art, animated cutscenes, voice-acting, deep lore, and renowned Japanese composer Noriyuki Iwadare.
Release Date: To be announced
Platform: PC
Developed by: J-Cat Games Limited
Published by: J-Cat Games Limited
Genre: Action , Adventure , RPG
Game Engine: Unity
Stores: Steam
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