Starship Simulator hits Kickstarter goal in under 72 hours!

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  • March 22, 2024
Starship Simulator hits Kickstarter goal in under 72 hours!

Starship Simulator – An engaging space exploration sandbox, featuring a 1:1 scale galaxy and fully simulated starships hits Kickstarter goal in under 72 hours!

Fleetyard Studios posted their reply on Twitter/X
– “To say we’re completely blown away by your support is the biggest understatement of the century. A week ago we were wondering if we’d even make it to our goal, and yet here we are just 72 hours into the campaign, and you guys have completely smashed it already! It’s just incredible, thank you all so much <3 We have so many exciting things planned for the game, so with 28 days left in the campaign let’s see if we can hit some of those stretch goals.” – source of post in full

With now just over 27 days to go before the Kickstarter ends and stretch goals to complete – If you would like to support Fleetyard Studios with their game Starship Simulator, head over to their Kickstarter and take a look at the amazing work done so far.

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Starship Simulator is a space exploration sandbox, where you serve as a crew member aboard mankind’s first experimental deep space exploration vessel. Your ship is tasked with the mission of exploring the galaxy beyond Sol to seek out habitable worlds, with standing orders to conduct science and make successful first contact with any alien species you encounter on your journey. You will soon discover however that the galaxy is a vast and mysterious place, with unexpected dangers lurking in the dark.
Release Date: To be announced
Platform: PC , VR
Developed by: Fleetyard Studios
Published by: Fleetyard Studios
Game Engine: Unreal Engine
Stores: Steam
Game Website: Visit Game Website/Page